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The CQ Medical Gym was designed for our south Orange County patients to catapult aesthetic and sports medicine technological advancements from just the physical or "looks" of aesthetics or cosmetics to a step farther to actually repair and replenish the body on the cellular DNA level while reaching personal body and physical goals. We can't stop time but we can slow and reverse some of the effects of aging. The CQ Med Gym specializes in anti-aging regenerative medicine designed to help you look your best, feel your best, age slower and turn back your biological clock. Emface will naturally lift your entire facial area, smooth wrinkles, and strengthen under lying facial muscles while tightening everywhere for a natural look unlike Botox or injectable fillers. Emface has no side effects and zero downtime aftertreatment. Emsculpt NEO will tone muscle, reduce fat, and sculpt your body. Exilis ultrasound and radio frequency erases wrinkles, cellulite, and makes skin glow head-to-toe. Emsella will strengthen the pelvic floor, reduce with stress incontinence, bladder leakage, and improve sexual health for men and women. NAD therapy will rebuild mitochondrial DNA on your cellular level at the site of the cell's energy production and other metabolic functions, Glutathione therapy will rebuild and repair tissue, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body and in immune system function providing antioxidants to detox your whole body and make your skin young again, IV therapy like the Myer's Cocktail will directly hydrate and provide vitamins and nutrients directly into your body without being lost in the digestive system, Lipo+B12 injections are called "skinny shots" in their ability to increase the metabolism, improve energy, and provide a boost of B Vitamins to release and burn more fat. 


Lipo+B12 Injections

If you’ve felt sluggish or slow lately, you might be living with a slow metabolism. A slow metabolism can be a roadblock on your weight loss journey, as reduced metabolism keeps your body in fat-storing mode instead of fat-burning load. The solution to this problem can be as simple as a lipotropic shot “Skinny Shot”. Lipo+B12 shots can help patients increase energy, boost metabolism, and burn fat at quicker rates than before. Lipotropic shots are formulated with a compound of ingredients; while the base of this treatment is vitamin B12, the other ingredients include fat-busting and metabolism-increasing amino acids that work with the body to eliminate unwanted fat and remove toxins clogging up your metabolic rate. Combined, these three amino acids stop the body from storing excess fat and help boost internal processes to break fat down more quickly for removal.

B12 or Lipo-B12? CQ Med Gym offers both. B12 injection uses a concentrated serum of the vitamin to boost the energy and metabolism of those seeking the treatment. B12 injections give the body further resources to produce more red blood cells to carry larger amounts of oxygen throughout the body, meaning those who receive such treatments can benefit from increased energy and reduced feelings of fatigue. B12 is a necessary vitamin that our bodies do not naturally produce. Lipotropic B12 or MIC+B12 injections work with the liver to remove fat and toxins from the body. In a way, you can think of lipotropic injections as being a triple-threat for enhancing your overall health; in addition to boosting your metabolism and energy, lipotropic injections also destroy fat and help your body filter toxins more quickly.  Lipotropic -B12 injections are better for patients looking to shed more weight as compared to the general benefits of B12 injections.


NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in all living cells that is essential in key physiological processes in our bodies. As we get older our own natural NAD production slows down, leading to mental and physical fatigue. One of the ways to supplement declining NAD as we age is through NAD Therapy. NAD+ Injections help to ensure that it’s absorbed by the bloodstream, rather than being broken down in the digestive system, thereby delivering maximum benefits to your body.

The benefits of NAD therapy are plentiful including: slow or reverse aging on a cellular DNA level, increased neurological functioning, lifting mental brain fog, speed up muscle recovery, improve brain regeneration, improving attention and cognitive functions, aiding addiction recovery, boosting organ functioning, increasing metabolic functioning, decreasing chronic stress, enhancing focus and athletic performance, boosting the immune system response to inflammation, helping relieve depression and anxiety, increasing energy, and increasing serotonin the “feel good” chemical of the brain.

IV Hydration Therapy

The CQ Med Gym offers patients suffering from dehydration, travel, stress, hangovers, and other ailments IV hydration and IV therapies designed to provide immediate effect. The Myer’s Cocktail- The late John Myers, MD, was the first to introduce this vitamin and mineral treatment. He designed this formula to potentially treat several clinical conditions including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and many more. When asked who should consider a Myers' cocktail infusion, there is no single answer. Because of the high dose of antioxidants, nutrients, and other immune-boosting factors, individuals who have weakened immune systems or diseases that negatively impact immune resilience may benefit from receiving a Myers' cocktail IV treatment. Studies have found the Myers' cocktail may be benefit patients who:  Suffer from low energy, perform athletic exercises, suffer from chronic fatigue, require intravenous hydration, seek relief from hangover or withdrawal symptoms, suffer from depression or anxiety. According to Myers' cocktail studies and reviews, since the cocktails are made of vitamins and minerals, they tend to be well tolerated by many patients. Since treatment is administered intravenously vs. passing the digestive system, higher concentrations of the vitamins are more easily absorbed and thus bioavailable to the body.  


Glutathione “The Master Antioxidant” is an antioxidant produced naturally in our body and made up of amino acids, cysteine, and glutamic acid. The levels of glutathione in your body can be affected by age, environmental toxins, stress, and poor nutrition. Glutathione is found naturally in some foods that are more sulfuric, such as broccoli or eggs. It’s also produced in our liver and creates healthy cells. While this antioxidant is something our body naturally makes, that doesn’t mean your body won’t need an extra push to help handle stress or illness. Getting extra glutathione means that your body is better equipped to fight off disease or illness. Glutathione serves many benefits. It helps oxidative stress, which occurs in our bodies when there isn’t a correct balance of free radicals and antioxidants. When this imbalance occurs, it opens the door to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, coronary artery disease, and more. Oxidative stress is linked to aging. Glutathione reduces the stressors on the body by effectively rebalancing it. It protects cell mitochondria and gets rid of free radicals. Your body’s immune response will ease, which can then allow it to heal properly. Glutathione can assist to protects our cellular functioning at the DNA level. Glutathione is also linked with improving skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles.

Schedule at the CQ Med Gym in Laguna Niguel in close proximity for all the south OC for a consultation with our specialists for NAD Therapy, Lipo+B12 Skinny Shot Injections, B12 Injections, Glutathione Therapy, IV Hydration Therapy, Vitamin C injections, Emface, Exilis Ultra, Emsculpt NEO, Emsella, Semaglutide glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) Ozempic, Rybelsus, Wegovy, and look and feel better!

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